[AI] Need keystrokes to use InvTools and Model Talker

Syed Imran syed.fame at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 16:00:32 EDT 2007

Dear friends

I am planning to generate my own voice synthesis using SRL's InvTool and ModelTalker. I need shortcut keys to access record, play, pause, and stop button and all that which is not given in InvTool's tutorials and their other documentations. I know we can always use navigation keys and Tab, but then I will have to spend more time in pressing those keys in the middle of my recording. This I don't want to do because in the documentation it is clearly said that once the recording finishes, there should be only five seconds of gap. and even in the middle of recording (before pausing), there should not be more silence as it would create bad impact and unwanted breaks after generating the synthesis. 
If there are no keystrokes to access these buttons, then I think I have to approach sighted users to click the buttons using mouse, which can be done faster than pressing tab or navigation keys many times.
Users of InvTool and ModelTalker, please share your accessibility tips and keystrokes with me.

With best regards
Syed Imran

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