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It happens sometimes: You might be asked to prepare a
speech for your boss’ farewell. Probably, even write 
your boss’ reply to your speech. Or, you might be
given the onerous task – with due instructions from
the future bride – to raise the toast at your best
friend’s wedding. Whatever the reason, a little help
from stalwarts is always welcome. To that effect, you
might want to check out today’s resource. Quotations
Page boasts of more than 26,000 quotable quotes from
over 3,100 authors; with more added daily. You could
browse through quotes by author, or more importantly,
by subject. Bookmark this all ye writers and orators
to add that little extra pizzazz to your piece. 


It’s pretty hard to resist some armchair psychology.
This Web site lets you analyse your own mind, with
links to a wide collection of tests on topics
such as intelligence quotient, compatability,
personality, and even some that are just plain fun.
Let’s get those mental wheels rolling!

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