[AI] updated lists of identified jobs

Rajesh Asudani rajeshasudani at rbi.org.in
Fri Aug 17 08:05:07 EDT 2007


I don't know whether it has been posted earlier here or not, but I was delighted to find consolidated lists of identified jobs for disabled on social justice and empowerment ministry's website, promulgated in January/March 2007. I haven't gone through them yet, so am unable to say whether they have added anything to previous lists of 2001, but at least they are available in a consolidated form unlike earlier list. Our respected member Dipendra Manocha was the member of government committee which has gone into revising the lists, so we may expect a good work. Please read the lists and comment.

States like Maharashtra may take a hint and at least consolidate the list instead of every department issuing a separate and fragmentary GR.

The lists may be downloaded from the ministry's site, or I will be more than happy to send them to anyone willing.


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