[AI] formating my c partition on hard disk

Zujar Kanchwala zujarbright at rediffmail.com
Tue Aug 14 01:18:35 EDT 2007


Not sure about any material to read but the following piece of information may be useful.

You probably need to re-install Windows if you have your operating system on C drive. If you have your current copy of Windows OS on a drive other than C you would get multiple copies after installing windows because the earlier copy would be preserved. If it is on C drive you can go ahead with re-installation. While re-installing Windows you would be prompted to Repair or Don't Repair due to existence of a copy of Windows on your system. Select Don't Repair and proceed. Select C drive as the OS drive (default) and in the next step select the format option (using FAT32 or NTFS FileSystem, Normal or Quick) and proceed.

Hope that helps.

On Sat, 11 Aug 2007 Archana Bhatia wrote :
>Hello Friends
>I want to format only my c partition on my hard disk without touching
>the other partitions on the hard disk.
>Is there any ready material on studying which I can  format it without
>losing any data
>I am causious as last time when I did  the formating , I lost all the
>data in other partitions  and also windows was installed 2-3 times and
>on switching on the computer , I was asked which windows I want to log
>in to
>This time I don't want any misses
>Any help would be appreciated
>I am using windows xp with Jaws 7.0
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