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amar jain amarjain2006 at yahoo.co.in
Sun Aug 12 09:14:46 EDT 2007

Hello All,
  I am a new member of this community. So I would like to introduce myself.
  My name is Amar Jain. My father is a business man and mother is a house wife. I am in 12th class having History, Political Science and Music as an optional subjects. My hobbies are:singing and learning anything related to computer. My free time activities are:listening to old songs, serfing on the internet, reading positive books etc. I like to make and maintain a good relation from everyone. I want to go for Law.
  I need your help! Actually I have some CDs of Maths, GK and English. All CDs are in Macromedia Flash files(with audio). And Jaws8.0.423U does not support it. So which software shall I use? Or is there any sollution to read these Macromedia Flash files?
  I will be very thankful to you if you will help me. Please contact me on my emails or on my mobile. "see the signature box below"
  With Best Regards,

MOBILE:+91 9929879006.
EMAILS:amarjain2006 at yahoo.co.in
      amarjain2006 at rediff.com
amarjain2006 at gmail.com
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