[AI] jaws 8 and win 2000 pro

Chaodhari, Sanjeev IN BOM SISL Sanjeev.Chaodhari at siemens.com
Fri Aug 10 01:38:29 EDT 2007

Dear member's




Whenever I go to the ii or any html windows for e.g. jaws help jaws only
reads title bar of the windows and giving me top and bottom age alert,
unable to

recognize any html tags.


I have repare as well as uninstall jaws with deletion of jaws file
manually, then installing jaws again, but it didn't work out.


I can successfully read the contend of ii with jaws cursor, virtual
cursor, as well as by vertualizing.


My another friend is having problem with short cuts of the jaws with ii
such as link list and form list.


I am using jaws 8 with windows 2000 professional with default version of




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