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Subject: What is the major barrier to success in education, work and life?

What is the major barrier to success in education, work and life?
A study done by the National Science Foundation, a few years ago, found 
that the major to success for students with disabilities studying the 
sciences was not their disability but was negative social attitudes.  Yes, 
you and I can contribute barriers to those struggling to succeed!  If this 
was true for success in the sciences, it surely is equally true in other 
The link below will play a 3-4 minute audio panel discussion by Larry 
Scadden formerly of NSF, Norman Coombs of EASI, Harry Murphy formerly from 
the CSUN Center on Disabilities, Greg Vanderheiden from the Trace Research 
and Development Center and Deborah Kaplan formerly from the World Institute 
on Disabilities:


EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) has a short pamphlet giving 
an overview of the major problems for students with disabilities in 
studying math and science and outlining tools and techniques to overcome 
such barriers.  You can obtain this pamphlet by sending a mail message to 
mailto:easi12 at easi.cc and you will receive it in return mail.

EASI, in partnership with the University of Southern Maine, provides the 
Certificate in Accessible Information Technology.  To earn this 
certificate, you need to take 5 of EASI's online courses

In September the month-long, online, instructor-led class is Barrier-free 
Information Technology which provides an excellent overview on what is 
needed to create a campus-wide accessible information technology system:

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EASI 4-part Webinar Series in September: Creating Accessible Podcasts and 
EASI Course in September: Barrier-free Information Technology

Norman Coombs

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