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Dear customer,

As regards booking on Concessions, it is to inform you that booking on other Concessions except Senior Citizen concession, require verification of Concession
letter and its validity date and the exchanged Concession letters are required to be submitted to the concerned Accounts office for Accountal & Audit.
So it is not possible to book tickets against these Concessions on the net.

Manoj Gola
care at irctc.co.in
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Respected Sir, I find this web is more useful to reserve tickets online. The passengers need not wait in huge lines for reserving the railway tickets. It
save time, money and offer tension free journey start. Previously people took leave from their office or depute somebody to get the tickets reserved. The
deputed person may not able to take decision  on spot correctly. In short it is valuable treasure for the passengers.
Sir, I am visually challenged person and the railway authority is pleased to accord 25% concession of fair for persons with disability including visually
challenged. We are facing trouble in waiting in huge lines, though in some reserving centres have special counters for persons with disability.
It will be more helpful to us, if your good office make necessary arrangements in the web for reserving tickets on concessional rates.
In this connection I would like draw your kind attention to the provision available in the esteemed web, for reserving tickets for students and senior citizens.
I, on behalf of all Persons with Disability, request   your good office may be pleased to make arrangements in the esteemed web, online reservation of tickets
on concessional rates for persons with disability.
veerakumar8 at hotmail.com
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veerakumar8 at hotmail.com
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