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i don't know so much about but as per my knolage. in linex two screen reader 
are avelable first one emac speak which run on a command line oprating 
sistem it has a text editer , file brauser and a inter net brauser it is 
indicate links , radio buttons,form fields by sound,and much more but one 
dis adwantage of this screen reader voice is not so good likes as windows 
narrater .
and second is orkka which run on ubuntu linex it is good g u i interface it 
is accessible with keyboard and there some application which are similar to 
windows applications just like open office =ms office but better than ms 
office ,
  noom  messanger which sport to yahoo hotmail msn rediff google and may be 
skype ,
windows command promt =terminal , which is prity good it cans handil binary 
source code .
it all facility avelable in only one cd which is free of cost and one more 
thing this cd is live cd mean you can run your sistem on cd no install 
needed for lite tasks if you want full feature you must install the in hard 
drive or flash drive  minimum space two gb for installation file and 256 mb 
for suap which use as a ram by oprating sistem .

but this screen reader does not sport so good to mozila web brauser in 
ubuntu 6.0 may be ubuntu 7.4 will be sport .
i don't use now yet.they both screen reader are build in a cd .

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> Dear members
> Hi
> In my ethical hacking one of the modules is Linux hacking therefore I am
> thinking to create another virtual machine with Linux.
> But I know nothing about Linux except the word, and it is open source
> operating system.
> So can somebody tell me what screen readers  are available for Linux
> which one is the best? You can present me comparative review of
> available screen readers with advantage and disadvantage.
> I would like to have setup of the Linux and setup of the screen readers
> with the tutorial.
> Thanks.
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> Sanjeev
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