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Tue Aug 7 03:07:12 EDT 2007

This is a posting by our member appearing in Hindustan Times.

Vir Sanghvi in No news is bad news (Counterpoint, July
29) has
    justifiably warned the media to impose
self-regulations before the
government steps in with
guidelines. When you start competing to be number one,
decency and
ethics are bound to suffer. We find several TV
channels claiming to be
No. 1 and every
channel flashing the  'Breaking News' ticker tape even
if the event in
question is a perfectly normal one. The media should
stop behaving
like the corporate
sector where everyone is racing to reach the top.

RD Singh, Jammu


The Media  plays an important role in a democracy
which is why it is
called the 'fourth estate'. However, as Vir Sanghvi
has stated,
news-making is being
overtaken by crass commercialisation. A code of
conduct for
journalists is the order of the day. Also, the focus
should shift
towards developmental journalism
from the Page 3 culture that has set in, especially in
the metros. The
press is the opinion of the public and it should rise
to the challenge
of nudging
public opinion in the right direction.

Poonam Guha, Kalyan


It is shameful that the TV channels have never dwelt
on the
discriminatory system of education imposed upon us.
Has any news
channel highlighted the precarious
condition of blind students? Has the media ever
brought to public
attention that they have no access to libraries? It is
ironical that
the likes of Shilpa
Shetty  get so much coverage while the real issues are
overlooked. What a shame.

Shadab Husain, Lucknow


Pulling up a journalist for conducting the cash for
warrant sting
operation is unjustified. The Chief Justice of India
should first
eradicate corruption
in the judiciary.

Shamim Uddin Ansari, Ghaziabad

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