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Is is better than textpal, which is also for the same purposes?
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> Now available at
> http://www.EmpowermentZone.com/edsetup.exe
> EdSharp 1.0
> Released August 3, 2007
> EdSharp is a free, open source, and highly productive text editor that
> works on almost any version of Windows.  It is rich in features, quick in
> performance, and accessible by design.  User benefits include the
> following:
> *  Open multiple text files of any size.  Other formats may be imported as
> text.  A file may also be opened from a list of those recently used, a
> list that you designate as favorites, or a list containing text you
> specify.
> *  Search forward or backward and automatically hear the matching line if
> operating with a screen reader.  Use a flexible "regular expression" to
> replace, extract, or count patterns.
> *  Identify the current line, column, and percent position  of the cursor.
> Query the number of characters, words, and lines in a document.
> *  Select any amount of text without having to hold down the Shift key.
> Instead, mark the starting point of a selection,  navigate to the ending
> point by whatever means, and then complete the selection.  Copy the entire
> document to the clipboard with a single command, or copy its full path
> with another one.
> *  Conveniently copy or cut the current line to the clipboard if no text
> is selected.  Append to the clipboard rather than replacing it.  Check
> what the clipboard currently contains.
> *  Navigate by paragraph, sentence, or chunk of non-blank characters.
> Delete various segments, including the current line, to the end of the
> line, to the start of the line, to the bottom of the document, or to the
> top of the document.
> *  Trim extra blank spaces.  Repeat the current line with a quick copy
> immediately below.  Insert the time.  Calculate and insert the day of week
> that a date occurs, or the date of, say, the third Thursday of November
> (Thanksgiving).
> *  Prepare a "structured text document" with a table of contents,
> headings, and sections.  Navigate by section, search by topic, or toggle
> between the table of contents and the body.  Convert a list of files in
> other formats to text versions, or combine them into a single, ordered
> text document.  Produce HTML format from regular text.
> *  Jump to a line number, or go to a percent point in the document.  Set
> or go to a bookmark.  Adjust whether long lines are wrapped, or whether a
> document is protected against accidental modification.  These settings are
> restored the next time a file is opened.
> *  Run a spell check or thesaurus lookup.  Change the case of selected
> text.  Clean up quoted email.  Start a new message with the current
> document as its body or as an attachment.
> *  Configure the font and color of text to enhance its visual readability.
> Sort lines, eliminate duplicates, or compare blocks, extracting lines that
> are either different or the same.
> Every EdSharp command is available by menu selection or hot key.  All are
> discussed in the documentation.  Tips to get started include the
> following:
> By default, the installer sets Alt+Control+E as a hot key to load EdSharp
> (though this option may be unchecked).  The HTML documentation is
> presented at the end of installation, and is also available from the
> EdSharp program group of the Start Menu or by pressing F1 when the program
> is loaded.  Alt+Shift+H presents a hot key summary.  Alt+F10 presents an
> alternate menu of every command in a single, alphabetized list.  F11
> elevates to the latest version on the web.  The status line gives ongoing
> messages, which EdSharp speaks selectively through the JAWS or Window-Eyes
> screen readers if detected in memory.
> Be text smart with EdSharp!
> Jamal Mazrui
> jamal at empowermentzone.com
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