[AI] Virus attack, need solution

Vishal M Jain vishal.hi at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 21:20:57 EDT 2007

Hello friends,
I am having tough time these days, My system has got infected by some Virus once again. The system have gone very slow.
I've tried scanning using Mcafee, but it has not cleared the virus completely.

It is not showing some of the applications in the programmes. I cannot  access the windows task manager as well.
It gives the following message.
"Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator. "

I just got the following message when I scanned the system

VirusScan Message
C:\Documents and Settings\vineeth\Local Settings\Tempor

Detected As: Keylog-Perfect.dr Remove Message
State : Deleted  Close Window
Name In Folder Source Detected As Detection Ty... Status Date and Ti... nhatquanglan... C:\WINDOWS\... Keylog-Perfect... Trojan Move faile... 8/6/2007 6:2... 
nhatquanglan... C:\Documents a... Keylog-Perfect... Trojan Deleted  8/6/2007 6:2... 

Please give me some solution for this.
Thanks and regards
Vishal Jain.
Ph: 080-41140564

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