[AI] This Umbrella Tells You If You'll Be Singing in the Rain

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This Umbrella Tells You If You'll Be Singing in the Rain

eed, like pepper spray, accident insurance, or a copy of 
The Villain
. But how about something that you hope will tell you you don't need it?  

Cambridge, Mass.-based Ambient Devices, whose motto is "Information everywhere" and lives up to it by producing things like 
Internet-connected refrigerators
colorful stock-market indicators
 has developed the $140 
Ambient Umbrella
 -- an umbrella with a radio receiver in the handle that gets weather data from Accuweather.com. If rain is expected in the next twelve hours, the handle
glows; depending on the type of rain expected, the light pulses at different frequencies.  

Now if they could just build something into the handle so I'd stop forgetting umbrellas on the train, I'd be all set.  

Reuters .]  

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