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EdSharp 1.0
Released August 3, 2007

EdSharp is a free, open source, and highly productive text editor that
works on almost any version of Windows.  It is rich in features, quick in
performance, and accessible by design.  User benefits include the

*  Open multiple text files of any size.  Other formats may be imported as
text.  A file may also be opened from a list of those recently used, a
list that you designate as favorites, or a list containing text you

*  Search forward or backward and automatically hear the matching line if
operating with a screen reader.  Use a flexible "regular expression" to
replace, extract, or count patterns.

*  Identify the current line, column, and percent position  of the cursor.
Query the number of characters, words, and lines in a document.

*  Select any amount of text without having to hold down the Shift key.
Instead, mark the starting point of a selection,  navigate to the ending
point by whatever means, and then complete the selection.  Copy the entire
document to the clipboard with a single command, or copy its full path
with another one.

*  Conveniently copy or cut the current line to the clipboard if no text
is selected.  Append to the clipboard rather than replacing it.  Check
what the clipboard currently contains.

*  Navigate by paragraph, sentence, or chunk of non-blank characters.
Delete various segments, including the current line, to the end of the
line, to the start of the line, to the bottom of the document, or to the
top of the document.

*  Trim extra blank spaces.  Repeat the current line with a quick copy
immediately below.  Insert the time.  Calculate and insert the day of week
that a date occurs, or the date of, say, the third Thursday of November

*  Prepare a "structured text document" with a table of contents,
headings, and sections.  Navigate by section, search by topic, or toggle
between the table of contents and the body.  Convert a list of files in
other formats to text versions, or combine them into a single, ordered
text document.  Produce HTML format from regular text.

*  Jump to a line number, or go to a percent point in the document.  Set
or go to a bookmark.  Adjust whether long lines are wrapped, or whether a
document is protected against accidental modification.  These settings are
restored the next time a file is opened.

*  Run a spell check or thesaurus lookup.  Change the case of selected
text.  Clean up quoted email.  Start a new message with the current
document as its body or as an attachment.

*  Configure the font and color of text to enhance its visual readability.
Sort lines, eliminate duplicates, or compare blocks, extracting lines that
are either different or the same.

Every EdSharp command is available by menu selection or hot key.  All are
discussed in the documentation.  Tips to get started include the

By default, the installer sets Alt+Control+E as a hot key to load EdSharp
(though this option may be unchecked).  The HTML documentation is
presented at the end of installation, and is also available from the
EdSharp program group of the Start Menu or by pressing F1 when the program
is loaded.  Alt+Shift+H presents a hot key summary.  Alt+F10 presents an
alternate menu of every command in a single, alphabetized list.  F11
elevates to the latest version on the web.  The status line gives ongoing
messages, which EdSharp speaks selectively through the JAWS or Window-Eyes
screen readers if detected in memory.

Be text smart with EdSharp!

Jamal Mazrui
jamal at empowermentzone.com

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