[AI] How to rename a file in MSW

sameer latey salatey at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 5 08:53:27 EDT 2007

Dear Sir,

In case you want to rename an existing file without
creating another file, 
do the following.

1. Locate the file which is to be renamed in Windows
2. Press F2. This will put you in the Edit mode and
let you change the name 
of the file.
3. Rename the file as per your requirements and press
Enter to accept the 
change. In case you feel that the renaming is not
proper, press Escape 
instead of Enter and the file will revert to the
original name.

Note that after renaming the file, you will need to
add the file extension, 
doc to the file name. Also, ensure that the file is
not open when renaming 

Hope that the above will answer your query.

Sameer Latey
Mumbai, India
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> Folks:
> Sometimes, in my work, I have to re-name a file in
MS Word. And until
> recently I thought Alt+F+A as the way to do it; only
that, while doing
> this, I end up creating an extra file, which I don't
need to. Are there
> other ways of renaming a Word file without having to
create a separate
> one? Kindly throw some light.
> Subramani
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