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Subject: Assistive Technology Center Presents SUMMER SPLASH!

> Assistive Technology Center
>                                        PHONE:
> (916) 381-5011
> 5330 Power Inn
> Rd.
> FAX:       (916) 914-2429
> Sacramento,
> CA  95820
> E-Mail: info at atechcenter.net
>             www.atechcenter.net
> We have put together a very ambitious schedule of events that will
> assist many blind and visually impaired individuals and others in
> acquiring technological information and building a foundation of
> knowledge.  Please share this announcement with others who may benefit.
> All trainings and seminars for the Summer Splash will be held
> on-line.  All you need is your computer, speakers or headphone and
> microphone.  The web site classroom location and password will be
> provided to all registered participants.
> AUGUST 2007
> Schedule Of Events!
> Tues. August 7, 2007
> Braille Sense Overview
> Time:  1 to 2 PM Pacific Time
> A detailed description and discussion of the Braille Sense and the
> Voice Sense as vital tools.  The capacity of this device for
> multi-tasking and elevating organizational skills to a new level are
> unparallel.  Connie Leblond will facilitate and conduct this overview.
> Please contact us to reserve your space.  This is a free
> seminar.  The Web classroom location will be provided to those who 
> register.
> Thursday, August 9, 2007
> Introduction to Microsoft Office using screen readers.  Microsoft
> Certified Professional Robert Leblond will conduct this 2-hour
> session aimed at beginning users of Microsoft Office applications.
> This seminar will cover basics of Word, Outlook, and Excel.  We will
> discuss the use of these applications with the three major screen
> readers:  Jaws, Window Eyes, and System Access.
> Time:  1 to 3 PM Pacific Time
> Please phone to reserve your space.  There is a fee to participate in
> this training.
> Tuesday, August 14, 2007
> Small Talk Ultra Overview
> 1 to 2 PM Pacific Time
> Join us to explore the use of the Small Talk Ultra.  A small,
> powerful fully functional computer that is a great alternative to lap
> tops and notetakers.  Determine for yourself whether you would
> benefit from its use.  Robert Leblond will conduct this free seminar.
> Phone to reserve your space in the on-line classroom..
> Thurs. Aug. 16, 2007
> A Comparative Analysis of Screen Readers
> Time:  1 to 2 PM
> An open forum to review and evaluate the major screen reading
> software available.  Including Window Eyes, System Access and
> Jaws.  This is a comparative analysis, not to be an endorsement or
> criticism of any product.  Just the facts.  Phone us to reserve a
> space for this free seminar.
> Thursday, August 21, 2007
> Window Eyes Basic Training
> 1 to 3 PM
> This is a training session for beginners or for those interested in
> honing their skills in the use of Window Eyes.  Topics will include
> using Window Eyes with Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and
> Microsoft Word.  Space is limited, so reserve your seat.  There is a
> fee for participating in this seminar.
> Tues. Aug. 28, 2007
> Braille Sense Training
> 1 to 3 PM
> Join instructor Connie Leblond for a training session developed to
> maximize your use of the Braille Sense.  Teachers, students and
> parents who want to learn more, should attend this training
> seminar.  Reserve your space ASAP.  There is a minimal fee for this
> training.
> Thursday Aug. 30, 2007
> Optical Character Recognition Overview
> Time;  1 to 3 PM Pacific Time
> Open Book, Kurzweil, Omni Page, and other applications for turning
> the printed page into audible text.
> Stand-alone reading machines, portable scanners for use with laptops,
> and more. How to evaluate and select the proper solution for your
> unique needs.  A free seminar.  Be sure to reserve your space!
> Contact ATC to reserve your space by telephoning
> 916-381-5011 option #3
> Or Toll Free 888-723-5011 option #3
> We look forward to your participation and your input.
> ATC wants to thank Jerry Hogan and Paul L. Oberholtzer for the use of
> their on-line classroom on the Blinded Veterans and Friends web
> site.  <http://www.blindedveteransand/>www.blindedveteransand friends.org
> Cordially,
> Connie Leblond
> Executive Vice President
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