[AI] Zebrafish Study May Point Way To Blindness cure

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Eagerly waitting the time when this experiment is successful.  Also the time 
when it the surgery is being done in India.

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> The ability of zebrafish to regenerate damaged retinas
> has given
> scientists a clue about restoring human vision and
> could lead to an
> experimental treatment for blindness within five
> years.
> British researchers said on Wednesday they had
> successfully grown in
> the laboratory a type of adult stem cell found in the
> eyes of both
> fish and mammals that develops into neurons in the
> retina.
> In future, these cells could be injected into the eye
> as a treatment
> for diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma
> and
> diabetes-related blindness, according to Astrid Limb
> of University
> College London's (UCL) Institute of Ophthalmology.
> Damage to the retina -- the part of the eye that sends
> messages to the
> brain -- is responsible for most cases of sight loss.
> "Our findings have enormous potential," Limb said. "It
> could help in
> all diseases where the neurons are damaged, which is
> basically nearly
> every disease of the eye."
> Limb and her colleagues studied so-called Mueller
> glial cells in the
> eyes of people aged from 18 months to 91 years and
> found they were
> able to develop them into all types of neurons found
> in the retina.
> They were also able to grow them easily in the lab,
> they reported in
> the journal Stem Cells.
> The cells have already been tested in rats with
> diseased retinas,
> where they successfully migrated into the retina and
> took on the
> characteristics of the surrounding neurons. Now the
> team is working on
> the same approach in humans.
> "We very much hope that we could do autologous
> transplants within five
> years," Limb told Reuters.
> Autologous transplants, initially on a trial basis,
> will involve
> manipulating cells and injecting them back into an
> individual's own
> eye. Eventually, Limb hopes it will also be possible
> to transfer the
> cells between different people.
> "Because they are so easy to grow, we could make stem
> cell banks and
> have cell lines available to the general population,
> subject to typing
> as with blood transfusions," she said.
> Just why zebrafish have an abundant supply of adult
> stem cells to
> regenerate their retinas, while they are rare in
> mammals, remains a
> mystery but Limb suspects it is because mammals have a
> limiting system
> to stop proliferation.
> The new work on Mueller glial cells is the latest
> example of
> researchers exploring the potential of different kinds
> of stem cells
> in treating eye disease. Another team from UCL and
> Moorfield's Eye
> Hospital said in June they aimed to repair damaged
> retinas with cells
> derived from embryonic stem cells.
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070801/hl_nm/blindness_fish_dc&printer=1
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