[AI] Please, please suggest an appropriate mobile.

Rajesh Rastogi rajesh.rast1983 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 21:26:49 EDT 2007

Hello Dearest A I members,

My name is Rajesh Rastogi, a new member of the AI list. I stay in Lucknow and am pursuing B comm. I look forward to my contributions with whatever little computer knowledge I have and also receiving guidance from the stalwarts in this list.

Can I request you all to please help me by suggesting an appropriate mobile which works with the talks software. I'm quite ignorant about the various and confusing models available in the market but I'm very, very  clear about the features that I want. Since many of you are using mobiles and have an experience with different models, I request you all to plese guide me.

My budget for the same is more or less 13k ( excluding Talks)  and the features that I'm looking for are as follows:

1. I don't want to pay for unwanted features like camera, music, video, and other multimedia features which I'm not going to use. The aesthetics of the device and multimedia features are not a priority at all. 

2. I'm looking for data-centric functions that are usually bundled in PDAs like those meant to help with personal information management functions like sending and receiving e-mails, reading  and writing text documents, web surfing, address book accessibility, works as a note taker etc.

I don't want the in-built tiny QWERTY keyboards since I would be buying a blue tooth keyboard separately so that, as I mentioned, I can use the device as a note taker as well. 

I'm sure many of you would be able to relate to my requirements and the non-essentials.

Would one of the Nokia E-series  be an appropriate choice?

And if you think I can't get the above mentioned features in the given budget, then please suggest a good mobile available in the market that comes as close to the requirements at this price, like the Nokia N-series, if I'm not mistaken! And Which I can connect to my laptop for instance using Airtel's internet connection through the GPRS enabled handset and avail of the above mentioned requirements.

( Please do keep in mind that it should be compatible with Talks which I shall be buying from Saksham)

Please, plese  guide and share your experiences with the models that you are acquainted with,
Looking forward to all your kind assistance and Thanking you all very much,
Warm regards,
Rajesh Rastogi.
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