[AI] Problem in Orkut

Syed Imran syed.fame at gmail.com
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Yes my friend ! The virus named "VB.QG" is the culprit behind this. It not 
only blocks you from accessing orkut and you tube, but does not allow you to 
install Mozilla firefox. If you don't believe me, you can type c:\heap41a in 
the run diolog box where this virus actually resides. There you will also 
come across an MP3 file which it uses whenever you try to log on to orkut. 
In fact you cannot delete this folder as it makes all files hidden. And, 
Windows itself considers it as system files so one of the processes named 
"svchost.exe" does not allow you to delete the folder completely.
You can surely get reed of this virus by following these step-to-step 
I assume that you are using Windows XP
I suggest you to read these steps before attempting to carry out the 
1) Press CTRL+Shift+Escape to launch windows task manager.
2) Press Ctrl+Tab to go to processes tab.
3) In the Processes list view,
A) select the process named as "SVCHOST.EXE"
Note:    There might be more than one Svchost.exe process in the list. You 
should use CTRL+Downarrow and CTRL+Space to select all the processes which 
are named as "SVCHOST.EXE"
B) To end the process and to confirm the same, press: Alt+E, Y.
4) Quickly go to Run and without making any errors type: shutdown -a
This is because when you end SVCHOST.EXE process, the system will 
automatically shut itself down giving 30 seconds to save the work in 
When you type shutdown -a command in run, the automatic shutdown will be 
aboarded, and the system will not turn off.
Remember you should execute this command with in 30 seconds after you end 
svchost.exe process.
5) delete all files that are inside heap41a folder.

There is one alternative solution in case you don't like to do all these 
manually if you can copy a batch script which I have prepared below.

1. Copy the batch script to notepad excluding the top and the bottom lines 
(see below)

Top line:---

taskkill /im svchost.exe /f
shutdown -a
del /q c:\heap41a\*.*

Bottom line:---
2. Save it in notepad
A) in the filename field, type: "ABC.bat", including the quotation mark. 
(With quotations, not without quotations)
3) Execute the file, and you are done with it.

If you still have problem, do not format the disk, instead, try deleting 
heap41a folder somehow.
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> Hello Friends,
> Everytime I try to go to www.orkut .com an error occurs which says"
> Orkut is banned you fool, the administrater did'nt write this
> programGuess who did". I am having this problem for last 45 days in my
> desktop which has a BSNL Broadband connection. Even when I am trying
> to visit this site in the laptop through an Airtel connection, I am
> having this problem. My friends on the other hand are able to surf
> Orkut. Can anyone come up with a solution to this peculiar problem.
> Thanks
> Abdul
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