[AI] error with nokia p c suite..

Mamta mamtabc at accessindia.org.in
Tue Jul 31 15:05:50 EDT 2007

>From last week I am facing some error with this nokia p c suite..
I am using nokia n 70 music..

I am pasting both the errors for your refference below..

1. Nokia PC Suite - Get Connected
There is no available connection type and therefore connection to phone cannot be 
established. The wizard will exit.
and the next mesage is that..

2. Nokia PC Suite - Get Connected
Failed to detect available connection types! Please reinstall Nokia PC Suite.
and in both cases as have no choice I just do an ok.. even uninstalling and re installing the nokia p c suite did not help I have atleast tried doing it more then 10 times..
and still nothing happened..
and also I also tried to send my files with the dongel blue tooth.. but no luck with that one as well.. some how am still not able to     transfer the files in any way..

So please do help
your help is highly appriciated.
many thanks

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