[AI] problem with msoffice2003 installation

Chaodhari, Sanjeev IN BOM SISL Sanjeev.Chaodhari at siemens.com
Tue Jul 31 04:43:01 EDT 2007

Dear members


I am trying to install msoffice 2003 on my pc.  

I can go up to the 2% of the installation, after that I am getting
following error.


"Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

Installation Error: File not Found

A required installation file G3561403.CAB could not be found

Original Installation Source Required:

If you installed Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 from a CD,
please insert your 

CD. If you installed Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 over
your computer 

network, please browse to the installation source on your network.  Once
you have 

located your installation source, click OK."


When I am browseing to the correct path it is giving same error.

I have check in that folder and I am able to find file with the same
name, which is not corrupt. 

I have windows xp pro with 192 ram with dual cor 

Any solution?


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