[AI] Cell phones too turn two-in-one

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Actually, most GSM phones have the provision to handle 2 SIM's. A bridge is 
required for it though and it can be carried out withcellphone dealers.


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> Cell phones too turn two-in-one
> 30 Jul, 2007 l 0013  hrs ISTlShalini Singh/TNN
>  NEW DELHI: Here's a bit of tech relief for people who juggle two phones 
> at a time. A new phone that accommodates two SIM cards in the same 
> instrument
> is soon to hit the market.
>  A first in India, the phone has too many twos. It comes with two options: 
> A phone with either two GSM SIM cards or another with one GSM and one CDMA 
> card. There are only two countries apart from India, which use such dual 
> SIM phones: China and Korea.
>  The way it works: When you are on a call from one SIM, a call from the 
> second SIM comes in as call waiting, giving you the option of either 
> switching
> to the new call or calling back later, just as you do on a regular phone.
>  Spice Ltd, the company that is launching this phone, operates GSM service 
> in two circles, Punjab and Karnataka.
>  According to its director & COO, Kunal Ahooja, the phones are primarily 
> meant for two kinds of users. The first category consists of people who 
> have a
> need for two phones and currently have to juggle between two instruments.
>  These include those who keep both a GSM and a CDMA connection and use 
> each depending on type of call and tariff. For example, CDMA offers better 
> STD tariffs
> and are typically given by companies to a large cross section of 
> employees.
>  The second are people who travel extensively and want to minimise their 
> roaming costs. For domestic and international travel, this segment can now 
> use
> a single instrument and a single charger retaining the home network number 
> as well as the visiting city/country SIM. Effectively, this helps avoid 
> the
> inconvenience of carrying two phones without sacrificing the advantage of 
> choosing the best tariffs while traveling, especially when overseas.
> http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Business/India_Business/Cell_phones_too_turn_two-in-one/rssarticleshow/2242875.cms
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