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Cell phones too turn two-in-one
30 Jul, 2007 l 0013  hrs ISTlShalini Singh/TNN  

  NEW DELHI: Here's a bit of tech relief for people who juggle two phones at a time. A new phone that accommodates two SIM cards in the same instrument
is soon to hit the market. 

  A first in India, the phone has too many twos. It comes with two options: A phone with either two GSM SIM cards or another with one GSM and one CDMA SIM
card. There are only two countries apart from India, which use such dual SIM phones: China and Korea. 

  The way it works: When you are on a call from one SIM, a call from the second SIM comes in as call waiting, giving you the option of either switching
to the new call or calling back later, just as you do on a regular phone. 

  Spice Ltd, the company that is launching this phone, operates GSM service in two circles, Punjab and Karnataka.  

  According to its director & COO, Kunal Ahooja, the phones are primarily meant for two kinds of users. The first category consists of people who have a
need for two phones and currently have to juggle between two instruments.  

  These include those who keep both a GSM and a CDMA connection and use each depending on type of call and tariff. For example, CDMA offers better STD tariffs
and are typically given by companies to a large cross section of employees.  

  The second are people who travel extensively and want to minimise their roaming costs. For domestic and international travel, this segment can now use
a single instrument and a single charger retaining the home network number as well as the visiting city/country SIM. Effectively, this helps avoid the
inconvenience of carrying two phones without sacrificing the advantage of choosing the best tariffs while traveling, especially when overseas.   


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