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Fri Jul 27 13:01:48 EDT 2007

For people who was waiting on Nuance to update their site with the new
3.20.1 version of Talks. It
has been updated and you now can download Talks from the Nuance web site.
This is for all version of
series 60 Symbian phones. See below for tings that have changed or improved. 
The below was taken
from a email that was sent out on the Talks list a few weeks ago.
Some things that have changed in this version:
When pressing [TALKS], [0] to activate training mode, a training mode
window is opened that serves
as a visual indication for sighted people. On Series 60 3rd Edition
devices, more keys can be
recognized by TALKS, once the handset has been rebooted after installation. 
In particular, the volume up/down and audio player keys Play/Pause, Stop, 
and Rewind
are now recognized in most cases. Nokia TTSOn all recent handsets, starting 
with the Nokia N70, N90, and N72 for
Series 60 2nd Edition, and all
devices running Series 60 3rd Edition, a TTS from Nokia can be found, that
is normally used to speak contact names upon request, to let the user know 
how to pronounce a given
name. The reason is that
Nokia has implemented speaker-independent voice recognition for these
devices, and the Nokia TTS is
used as a reference.W hile the Nokia TTS is certainly not suitable for the 
read-out of longer
> text, a driver for it is
now part of the TALKS installer. This allows a fully blind customer to
install TALKS on a phone without sighted assistance, by just pressing the 
left display key once in
a while. When the
installation is finished, TALKS starts to speak with the Nokia TTS, if it
cannot find another one.
The user is then able to install a TTS engine like ETI Eloquence or
RealSpeak Mobile with TALKS
screen reading support.
For Series 60 3rd Edition, this is even more important, because all E-Series 
devices, in addition to
some branded handsets do not allow the installation of unsigned
applications by default. Further,
the TALKS audio driver does not yet support voice during a call, which has
been deliberately
disabled by Nokia, but this restriction does not apply to the Nokia TTS. 
Other Changes
[TALKS], [Long 4] now toggles graphics mode for all applications, instead
of the currently focussed
application only. This allows reading icons that do not belong to any
application and are not yet
labelled, like status icons read when pressing [TALKS], [Long Key2].> The 
[TALKS] key can now be simulated by a Braille keyboard.
Automation functions are now disabled while the Silent profile is in use.
The remaining days for a demo license are shown in the "About" dialog.
Series 60 1st/2nd Edition Only
Some functions already present in version 3.10 for Series 60 3rd Edition
are now available on Series
> 60 2nd Edition as well:
Settings changes now take effect immediately when confirmed with "OK".
Settings application now speaks on all phones, even when TALKS is
disabled - this used to work on
older phones, but not on newer models like the N70 and N90.
Future versions of TALKS can now be installed without having to disable
the currently running
version first. Note that you still need to disable older versions, such as
3.00, in order to update
to 3.20.
Pressing [Talks] key no longer starts checking the screen for updates
(avoids situations where the
screen is being re-read unexpectedly).
Registration shows an error message if something goes wrong while sending,
 rather than just waiting.
Series 60 3rd Edition
The following changes only affect 3rd Edition phones:
Phone key presses are now detected at a lower level compared to version
3.10; this improves the
recognition of certain keys, like the volume up/down and audio player
keys, and it ensures that

certain keys are not passed on through the underlying application when
they are part of a TALKS
command. Please note that this only takes full effect when rebooting the

 phone after installing or
enabling TALKS.
    Since the Nokia 5700, 6110, 6120, and 6290 do not have an Edit key, the
TALKS command key on these
handsets is the [Menu] button. As usual, pressing the TALKS key twice
brings back the old function
of the [Menu] key. To open the TALKS&ZOOMS settings on these devices, an
additional short-cut has
been implemented: [TALKS], [Long Key1].
Many new icons are labelled, including the 3G and packet data icons on 
theN95, as well as icons
like "SMS", "Unread SMS", etc.
The Active Stand-By screen is now completely accessible with TALKS.
TALKS can read the PIN entry dialogue on handsets running Symbian version
9.2, S60 3rd Edition FP1.
members,now the latest version of talks for first and second edition 
phones,i mean 3.20.2 is now available.

on the nuance website.

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