[AI] My new assignment

Atul R Sahay arsahay at accessindia.org.in
Wed Jul 25 04:50:38 EDT 2007


I am posting this as I feel that Tata Steel has shown great respect for persons with visual impairment by giving this assignment to me. Effective August 1 '07, I am joining this Company back as Senior Manager Security Administration. My position will be No. 2 in the Division which looks after the Security and Administration of Tata Steel, Community Services, and Land, Market,  Estate belonging to Tata Steel at Jamshedpur. I will be reporting to Chief Security &Administration. I joined Tata Steel in 1992 and left the same in 2005 to work as Head Business Excellence for JUSCO.

I hope this assignment of mine will help the society see us better.

With best regards and unconditional love for all,


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