[AI] Instructions for the AI Bangalore meeting

Subramani L lsubramani at deccanherald.co.in
Wed Jul 25 04:10:04 EDT 2007

Dear Access Indians of Bangalore:
First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the overwhelming
response to the idea of informal meeting. I am happy to let you know
that we have not only reached 20 members, but in all likelihood, would
far exceed the minimum figure.
Now, we are all set to have our meeting this Saturday and for the sake
of our convenience, I would like you to follow the instructions given
1 The meeting starts at 3.00 pm on Saturday, July 28 and so, it would be
convenient if all of you could reach the venue by 02.50 pm just to clear
off formalities early. Except a few of you who have work commitments, I
think it should be ok with most of you. 
2 As mentioned before, the venue is Hotel Ashreya International,
Infantry Road, opposite to Police Commissioner's Office. For those
coming from different localities, the best thing is to reach the Shivaji
Nagar bust terminus and take an auto that won't cost you more than Rs
20. As the hotel is famous, it is much easier to ask for it near Shivaji
Nagar. Please note that some busses do stop at Indian Express stop and
is much easier to reach the venue from there, but pl make sure if the
bus you board stops there. I will try and put out a detail route
instruction by tomorrow.
3 Once inside the venue, you need to ask for Shantala 2, which is the
name of the hall where our meeting is taking place. Before asking for
help, please make sure if the person who you turn to help is part of the
hotel or a stranger. Also, I would request you to be careful with your
4 As mentioned before, each person should pay Rs 150 as charges for the
hotel. I request you to bring the money with you and pay to Ms Sundari
of Mithra Jyothi who will be at the venue. If you can't pay, kindly
inform me before Friday in the mobile number given below.
5 Some of you have cited your working hours and have asked if coming an
hour or two late is alright. Since the meeting is largely going to be
informal, it is alright, that is, only if you are held back at work.
6 Some of you have also wanted to know, if certain topics can be brought
for discussion. I am sure one hour of our meeting time can be allotted
for productive and serious discussion, that is, if this isn't
objectionable to a majority of participants. 
7 If you have any query or doubts please don't hesitate to get in touch
with me at my mobile number. 
8 If you want to participate, it isn't too late. Kindly let me know
before Friday. 
I hope the instructions are sufficiently clear. 
Thanks to you all and looking forward to meeting you at the venue on
Warm rgds,
L. Subramani,

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