[AI] Typing too much can damage your finger muscles

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Typing too much can damage your finger muscles
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By IBNlive.com
Wednesday July 18, 11:25 AM
New Delhi: Working on a computer for long hours could lead to the weakening 
of your hand muscles. Do your hands hurt when you write? Blame the long 
hours on the computer.

Experts say that an increasing use of the keyboard or mobile phone to type 
the text is making hand muscles less flexible.

"While writers can get writer's cramps, with over use of the computer I see 
more and more people getting arthritis," Dr Naveen Talwar expert Dept of 

So it's not just your handwriting that you need to worry about, with the 
overuse of the computer and typing, joints can get rough. This can lead to 
and swelling in the joints of the hand - causing arthritis. Disturbing as it 
may sound, it is avoidable.

"The best way is to avoid prolonged usage. So many people are typing while 
in the car, while at home on laptop, in bed, at work. If this is avoided - 
further complications can be prevented," added Talwar.

So take occasional breaks from the keyboard, give yourself a wrist rest and 
exercise your wrists and fingers as much as you can.
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