[AI] Reading by sentences and paragraphs not working in MS word

Shadab Husain shadabhsn at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jul 24 13:31:01 EDT 2007

Hi friend, I doubt that your friend wants to read
books on MS word because there he will get the
opportunity to reach at the page where he last left.
But on MS word, we can’t read paragraph by paragraph
and sentence by sentence.

I think that if he wants to read sentence by sentence
and paragraph by paragraph, then he should read books
on notepad only.

To get page access like MS word on the notepad, tell
him that while closing the file of the book on the
notepad, type his name or any such a word which is not
already there in the book. This would be a bookmark
for him. Now, when the second time he opens the file,
tell him to give command of find and replace—(control
f), and key in that word which was the bookmark
whether his name or any other peculiar word. Hit enter
and then escape and there he will be at the place
where he last left.

Tell him also to remember to delete the previous
bookmark before making the next one; otherwise he will
be a little confused before reading the book for the
third time.

Said that, I must timidly tell you that it was just my
guess that your friend is facing this problem. Please
excuse me if I am unable to serve you.

Your friend

Shadab Husain

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