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> Yucaipa/Calimesa News Mirror, CA, USA
> Thursday, July 19, 2007
> Audio Vision Radio Reading Service For the Blind offers special services
> By ZAK WEINBERG, News Mirror Intern
> Audio Vision Radio Reading Service For the Blind in Yucaipa provides a 
> contribution to the visually impaired. Located near the corner of Bryant 
> Street and Yucaipa Boulevard, below White Rabbit Coffee Company, this 
> establishment of 15 years operates a local radio station that broadcasts a 
> variety of readings over the airwaves.
> Volunteers read local newspapers and supplement this information with 
> readings from magazines, novels and even coupons and recipes.
> Assistant Director Tim Wallace said, "The primary objective of Audio 
> Vision is to get information to listeners who, otherwise, have no access 
> to this kind of information."
> Audio Vision has led the crusade in alleviating disadvantages faced by 
> visually impaired citizens, but, according to Wallace, "Public 
> transportation has decreased drastically." In Yucaipa there are sound 
> operated cross walks and buses have built in GPS sound systems that 
> indicate its current location and next stop.
> Audio Vision provides free radios to listeners. These radios are 
> pre-programmed to receive radio signals from Audio Vision, and the 
> station's listeners include over 1,000 residents from Yucaipa and 
> neighboring towns. Audio Vision is privately funded and administered by 
> volunteers, because California is one of few states which provides no 
> funding to these types of facilities.
> Mark Williams, retired librarian of 35 years, regularly reads newspapers. 
> "When I retired I wanted to give back. I've been reading for two years 
> now."
> Audio Vision broadcasts 24 hours a day, with daily orginal content, and 
> live newspaper readings from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. daily.
> After noon, pre-recorded material airs, which includes magazines such as 
> Time, The Smithsonian and even Oprah.
> For more information visit www.audiovisionradio.org.
> http://www.newsmirror.net/articles/2007/07/19/news/09news.txt
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