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When the first line is pushed to the right a bit, say half inch, it is an
indented paragraph. When second and subsequent lines of the paragraphare
pushed to the right and the first line starts from the left margin of the
print area, it is a hanging indent. The tab key indents half inch by
default. If you want more control, you can use the Paragraph dialogue box
under the Format menu. You can also find it pressing the application key.
Once you have specified a format for a paragraph, you can copy the format of
the paragraph using ctrl+shift+c to copy format only and paste this format
on to a new paragraph using ctrl+shift+v. Remember that Jaws uses these
keystrokes for certain functions. So you must press insert+3 on the
alphanumeric keypad to execute the pass through command.

In case things are messed up,, you can always return to the normal format by
using ctrl+shift+n.

Hope, this helps.

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> Friends,
> I have few questions  about indenting.
> First of all, what is the difference between hanging indent and indent,
Control T and Control M are the short keys respectively.
>  secondly, assume I am typing some lengthy points--(a) (b) (c)...  in this
case, I would like to highlight first line of these points and remaining
lines should be indented.     How it can be done? I also would like to know
how to come out of indentation after  typing the indenting portion.   Please
explain with key strokes. Frequently, I have to type such letters so I need
to know these print styles and formats.
> Thanks in advance,
> Sanjay Prasad,
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