[AI] Brief note on how to change the default new Folder icons

vishnu ramchandani vishnuhappy at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 23 01:51:35 EDT 2007

Brief note on how to change the default new Folder

Q: how to change the default new folder icon (yellow
one) in Win XP. When making  a new folder, How can we
have our favorites icon. 

A: In Windows XP, it is possible to change the icons
for a selected folder. You can do this by
right-clicking the folder. Go to the customise tab.
can select the templates for folders depending on the
type of the files it is going to contain. You can
choose a template for a folder containing picture,
music, video files and document or ordinary files. 

In the Folder pictures area, you can select the
picture you want to be displayed in the thumbnails
view. At the bottom of the Folder icons area is a
for Change Icon. When you click change icon, it
displays the list of icons from the icons file. You
can also have your own icons file apart from the
files stored in c:\windows\system32 folder. 

You can browse and select the required iconsfile and
select from that file. There are third party utilities
too to makefolder icons look the way we want.
One such is grafile's myFolder. A free download
isavailable at the following link: 
 (Size 1.91 MB). 

Using this utility you can change the size and colour
of the folder icon. 

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