[AI] Technology News.

P. Subramani subramani6912 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 02:25:33 EDT 2007

An ingenious new watch called 'Braille Talk' states exactly what this watch is - a standard Braille watch that also has all the talking functions of our
high fashion talking watches. Now you can wear one watch and use either the talking or the Braille feature depending on the circumstances in which you
find yourself. It is also handy to have a braille watch with an alarm, which was not previously possible.

The Alexandra Talking Chess set is serious business, although found in the game section. It features a magnetic board and pieces which allow for automatic
scoring as the game progresses. It also features dual built-in clocks and play levels from beginner to advanced, so you can not get bored or outgrow the
game easily. It has special teaching and coaching features in English, French and German.

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