[AI] Things which you would like to know

vishnu ramchandani vishnuhappy at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 20 01:22:12 EDT 2007

The distinction of being the first portable computer
goes to the 'Xerox NoteTaker', developed at Xerox PARC
in 1976. The first commercially available portable
computer was the 'Osborne 1' developed in 1981.
However the first true laptop was the 'GRiD Compass
1101', designed by Bill Moggridge in 1979-1980, and
released in 1982. The 'GRiD Compass 1101' first
introduced the now popular clamshell design. It had a
320 x 200 pixels plasma display and a 384 kibibyte
bubble memory, and costed about $8,000 to $10,000. The
'GRiD Compass 1101' was used heavily by the US
Military and by NASA on the Space Shuttle during
the 1980s. 

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