[AI] Real Time Screen Reading talking mouse

Shiv shivraheja at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 23:30:32 EDT 2007


I Just installed this software.  I haven't used it much.  If anyone wants to try it out, I am pasting the instructions and the link to the download page
below.  It does not read text in the Microsoft Word and Excel windows, but reads in the Internet explorer window.

This mouse driver lets you hear your mouse position as two tones.  The lower tone tells your
horizontal position, and the higher tone tells your vertical position.  When you stop moving, the
tones stop.  As you get used to identifying your location, the computer screen should begin to
take shape in front of your mind's eye.  To spell an item, hold the shift key.  To identify the kind of
object hit the control key. Whenever you need to find the 4 Blind Mice control Panel, you can use
Alt Tab to unminimize it to the top left of the screen. 4 Blind Mice may eventually be developed it
into a complete stand alone screen reader package, but no promises are being made. At this time
it is strictly a mouse driven real time screen reader to be used with existing readers as an
accelerated navigational aid. Please explore the 4 Blind Mice control panel's menu for user options.

Find out more at:


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