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Shadab Husain shadabhsn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 02:54:41 EDT 2007

Hi Friends

That the Deccan Herald flashed the discrimination in which the
visually challenged are enmeshed is really commendable. I could not
stop myself from praising its writing: for it was a direct-saying,
clearly simple-written piece.

I have nourished this thought since long that media would serve as a
good outlet for the discrimination heaped upon us. Not only
humiliation is in private sectors, but even government employees treat
us ill. It is shameful that the bus conductors treat us egregiously
bad during giving the concession. It is shameful that the clerks on
the railway stations confront us while giving the concession tickets.
It is shameful that teachers deny to give the extra time to us during
our exams. And it is absolutely outrageous that we are effortlessly
pushed aside by puny excuses and perfunctory assurances.

These were a few conspicuously flagrant points that immensely
humiliate us, you all can add further.

Furnished that before you all, I would opine that am of the view that
we should definitely approach a press after having a handsome debate
and carefully examining the pros and cons of all the matters: because
as our moderator has suggested, and I too feel that approaching a
newspaper or TV channel for IT sector discrimination is quite delicate
at this stage.

Since Access Indians are often said to be the cream of the crops of
visually challenged in this nation, so I strongly feel that we can
shrewdly, maintaining an exquisite balance could engineer out a plan
in which we will remember to focus less on the delicate matters,
thereby highlighting other common problems. A documentary of half an
hour broadcasted by any news channel would play a key role in
resolving our problems; and agreed that the piece would not focus much
at the discrimination in private sectors, but a slight indication
neatly pointing the inequity of private firms would At least send a
worrying threat to them.

Now friends, you all would be fuming at me and musing that how will we
convince any news channel. I emphatically believe that if a refine
piece abounding a glitzy tittle-tattle we send to them, then am dead
sure that they will jump on the opportunity.

An outshining instance: the whole family suffering from retinitis
pigmentosa poorly living in Ribaraili (contesting seat for Sonia
Gandhi) the cheer person of UPA. Is she so callous that she cannot
look for those people who deserve the most from the nation just
because they cannot vote? I believe that this would certainly put the
cat among the pigeons.

We should remember that by thinking and working together we will
definitely astonish the nation.



Shadab Husain

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