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Dear venkat
Yes you can compile and run the tc throu command line, but you cannot
debug your program using command line.
the working directory for TC compiler is c:\tc\bin
if you ar using notepad to write code then you will be able to save your
code on your desire location, however if you ar using ide then default
directory if I am not wrong will be c:\tc\bin
other files such as .exe and .obj will be by default store at c:\tc\bin
irrespective of you are using command line or ide.
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  Hon. Members,
     I am thinking of installing TC compiler. Earlier, I had MSVS. But I
removed it from the system when I reformatted as it took a lot of space.
I don't want to use the IDE. I want to use it from command line using
the Notepad as code editor. I most humbly request someone to answer the
following queries:
  Can we use TC with ease from command-line?
  What is the working directory for TC compiler if I install it at
  What is the default location where TC stores the .c and .exe files?
  Are there any warnings against TC?
  Thank You

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