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Hey Shadab,

Usually PDAs connect with bluetooth keyboards, and these keyboards are
foldable to fit in your pocket. One such keyboard is thinkoutside stoaway
bluetooth keyboard, and the same keyboard is available with different
brands. One of the brands these days is Igo, these keyboards cost around 100

a braille display is a hardware device, which has refreshable braille cells,
making it possible for you to use it to access information on computers and

Some braille displays also have ability to type using 6 or 8 braille keys,
and the software in computer or PDA or mobile phone automatically converts
what we type in braille to electronic text. These keys are also used to
issue commands such as copy, paste, selection of text or other computer

 Usually a braille display has a single row of cells, which has different
numbers of cells depending on the display model. They range from 12 cells to
80 cells.

Each braille cell has 8 pins, which can be raised or depressed as per the
text to be displayed.

The cost of such devices starts from around 1 lakh, and can go up to 3

Hope this information is of some help to you.

Dinesh Kaushal

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Hi friends, I want to know that how Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) work
with Braille or typewriter keyboards? How the information stored in it can
be accessed through a Braille display?

Please give the information.


Shadab Husain

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