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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yahoo Pushes ALT-ernative Text For Images

By David A. Utter

Thu, 07/12/2007 - 11:46.

By effectively labeling images that lack descriptive or any ALT-attribute
text, people who use screen readers can more fully
understand the contents of images on a web page.

Not everyone sees websites the same way. Some folks have to deal with a
variety of issues that make the use of a screen reader an
absolute necessity when browsing the Internet.

When someone posting an image to a web page includes the ALT attribute with
text in the IMG tag, a screen reader can recite that
text to the person browsing the image. Without ALT information, image-laden
sites offer a depressing experience to screen reader

It's a situation the Yahoo! Accessibility Stakeholders Group wants to
address. Victor Tsaran, of Yahoo's Accessibility Program,
blogged about this on Yahoo's official blog:


The Yahoo! Accessibility Stakeholders Group decided to do something this
week to help reduce the number of unlabeled images on
Yahoo! web sites as well as to encourage Yahoo! developers and designers to
pay attention to things that are not readily visible on
the screen.

The ALT= campaign is just one of the many programs my team has created to
help Yahoos keep universal accessibility in mind as they
design and build our products. We hope it'll improve your experience across
our network.

Web developers of all sorts should be as mindful of their images and ALT
text, especially in e-commerce. Just because someone uses a
screen reader doesn't preclude them from becoming a loyal customer.



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