[AI] You can switch off power via internet!

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You can switch off power via internet
14 Jul, 2007 l 0307  hrs ISTlDhanya Krishnakumar/TNN  

  BANGALORE: Imagine you are at the airport and are suddenly doubtful whether you switched off the air conditioning system in your room. Not to worry. Instead
of cancelling your flight to save yourself from being slapped with a humongous electricity bill on your return, simply log on to www.connectgaia.com. Once
you enter your webpage, you can remotely switch off lights, air conditioners and just about anything.  

  Connectgaia is a worldwide intelligent network launched by Gurgaon-based KLG Systel a month ago to optimise and reduce electricity consumption. Leveraging
advanced metering, sensors, proven IP communication technologies and a robust IT backbone, www.connectgaia.com works through intelligent devices installed
at the customer's premises. There is no software to install or maintain.  

  The hardware, comprising of 'gaiaeco' and 'gaiacell' units, is connected directly to the three phase utility supply after the electricity meter. These
units have power meters that measure electrical parameters both on inlet as well as the outlets. Gaiacell measures appliance level parameters and communicates
that with gaiaeco via radio frequency. The gaiaeco and gaiacell outlets are connected to digital switches enabling you to switch power on or off remotely.

  To facilitate data transmission between gaiaeco and the website, a GPRS modem is built into the product. To measure, visualise, analyse, control and save
the energy consumption, you simply need to login to your personalised user account. Information stored in the database will be accessible to you in clear
graphical as well as textual format. And you will be able to draw clear inferences from the information enabling you to manage the energy usage.  

  The electrical parameters can be monitored on a real time basis and the information can be viewed online.    The website is refreshed every 15 minutes.
It helps in optimising your energy consumption by catching wasteful practices by pinpointing lights, appliances, computers etc. being left 'on' after work
hours. It can help cut peak charges by reducing non-essential loads during heavy use times.  

  The system's sensors can also be used to define rules and set schedules for switching on/off machines and equipment. Explains Kumud Goel, promoter of
KLG Systel: "Being a web-based solution it empowers the end user to use it from any where across the world and caters to the requirement of multi location
offices and industrial units." He claims the system can help you save upto 50% of your existing electricity bills and related operational costs.  

  Connectgaia is built on IBM's communication protocols, database and middleware technologies. Says Goel: "IBM has been deeply involved in designing, developing
and maintaining the software for KLG.  This solution has been built on IBM SOA architecture with its inherent flexibility to quickly, easily and economically
support rapidly changing business needs."  

  The box, which needs to be connected to the electricity meter, comes in various models with prices ranging from Rs 20,000-50,000. There is also a monthly
subscription fee ranging between Rs 300-500.    The customer can choose the model depending on the rating, or the number of loads he wants to monitor and


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