[AI] A start-up that thinks outside the browser

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Fri Jul 13 23:27:18 EDT 2007

A start-up that thinks outside the browser


Mumbai lad Kyan Pardiwalla, who is studying at
Stanford, is part of the core group that is running

Kyan Pardiwalla, a 21-year-old US-based undergraduate,
doesn’t like studying. Instead, he gets a kick out of
writing codes for new applications which, according
to him, “would change the way we surf the internet.”
The 21-year-old undergraduate who did his schooling in
Mumbai, is part of the core group that is running
Cooliris, a start-up located at Palo Alto, California.

The-year-and-a-half old company is trying hard to live
up to its mantra: think outside the browser. “In order
to make the internet more exciting and efficient,
Cooliris has come up with two products that are sure
to enhance the user experience,” says Kyan. 

The first product, Cooliris Previews, is an
application that allows the user to preview web links
and rich media without actually clicking on the link.
Once the software is installed, all you need to do is
simply take the cursor to the link, and instantly a
preview window appears with the home-page content.

This way, you get to see the page immediately, without
waiting for it to upload on a new page. Cooliris has a
stack function which, according to Kyan, “enables
the users to pile previewed items into a temporary
bookmark stack, so you can quickly sift through the
web and return to your stack for further review.”

The other product, called PicLens, which is
downloadable on Firefox (you need Windows XP), lets
you view full-screen images of results from search
“PicLens delivers an immersive full-screen experience
for viewing photos on the internet,” says Kyan.

The photograph that a user chooses to see, occupies
the entire screen while the remaining results come in
thumbnails in a strip at the bottom. So instead
of waiting for image-heavy pages to download, PicLens
allows you to view the search pictures in a slide show

Kyan says PicLens is rapidly catching up with users.
“Around 60,000 users downloaded the application in the
week following its launch,” he says.

Kyan and his colleagues are working on extending the
concept of PicLens to videos as well. “Pictures
getting replaced by video would be an amazing
he said. 
What is the percentage of people following his
company’s mantra in India? “Low penetration of
broadband internet connectivity has meant people here
still unaware about the rich-media experience,” he

Considering his age and the new concept that his
company has introduced, is it fair to compare them to
Google, the internet search giant that started as
a university project? 
“Absolutely not,” says Kyan emphatically. “There are
no parallels,” he says. 

A majority of the Cooliris team comes from Stanford
University. And Kyan himself is pursuing a graduation
course in computer science from the world renowned
Not bad for someone who doesn’t like studying. 

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