[AI] Regarding the NFB speech

Subramani L lsubramani at deccanherald.co.in
Tue Jul 10 04:14:40 EDT 2007

Dear Harish:
Throughout my reading of that awfully long speech, I was comparing
mentally things as it stands in this country and things Mark has
described in his speech. What I could see is that we are surely scoring
high in certain aspects (of the social treatment of the blind) and
require urgent progress in many other aspects.
I feel our social treatment of the blind, though coloured, without
perspective and sometimes abysmal in certain circumstances, is vastly
better than what is found in the so-called developed countries. That our
government doesn't trouble their minds so much on creating disabled
friendly infrastructure may be largely true, but wherever initiatives
are taken (by NGO's) they are not only sensible but certainly
When I wrote about Madhu Single's Mithra Jyothi in Bangalore conducting
classes for blind girls to cook and incert threads into the needles, I
was overjoyed that such initiatives are indeed being taken, but while
reading this address, I am proud the way we think and act in this
Where we lag behind our blind brethrens in the U S, is in leadership and
technology. We need visionary leaders and energetic and open-minded
scientists to create technologies for us. If we can achieve this, We can
proudly count ourselves as one of the most self-sufficient communities
of blind persons in the world.

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