[AI] Home based transciption project

Suhas Karnik suhasvkarnik at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 10:00:13 EDT 2007

Hello friends,

1. The Employment Department of the National Association for the Blind, 
India (NAB) has started a home based transcription project for the blind in 
collaboration with a company known as Quantum Research and Marketing. The 
said company is organizing seminars and conferences in different corporate 
houses and the proceedings of these meetings are required to be transcribed 
on computer.

The company shall be providing audio cassettes to the vision impaired 
transcriptionists. The cassettes could be taken home for transcription work. 
The approximate remuneration for one side of the cassette is R.250/- . 
Initially this project is started for the vision impaired persons residing 
in the city of Mumbai and it’s adjoining areas but the company has  branches 
in Bangalore, Delhi etc. and is looking out for project partners

Interested may contact Ms. Pallavi Kadam or Ms Bhakti Shivalkar during 
office hours on Tel No. 2498 8134.

2. The Employment Department wants to induct more call centre agents at its 
Tata Teleservices Litd. call centre. The screening interviews would be 
conducted on Friday, the 13th July at NAB's headquarters at Worli Seaface, 
Mumbai from 10 a.m. onwards. for further details, contact on the same 
telephone number.

Suhas Karnik.

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