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rambabu adikesavalu rambabu_arb at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 17:58:24 EDT 2007

Dear friends,
Recently I came across a news about a person's mobile
phone exploded when he tried to talk without
disconnecting it from the charger.
The following article which I had extracted from the
Hindu, dated: 7th july, 2007 is a very important 
matter of concern.

Worker dies after mobile explodes 
      Anand Parthasarathy 
      Bangalore: The Chinese media says a worker in an
iron ore plant died after 
      the mobile phone that he was carrying in his
breast pocket, exploded, 
      shattering his ribcage and sending a fragment
into his heart. The incident 
      which occurred on June 19 has only now been
reported by the English 
      language Shanghai Daily and other local
      Xiao Jinpeng (22) years was a welder — and there
is speculation that the 
      high ambient temperature in his work spot might
have played a part in the 
      News flood net 
      Reports flooding Internet sites on Friday have
generally jumped to 
      conclude that the phone’s battery might have
exploded — hardly surprising 
      after a series of incidents last year where big
brand laptop computers 
      burst into flames spontaneously.
      Mobile phones use the same type of batteries,
carried by portable 
      computers — Lithium ion, where carbon forms one
electrode, and a metal 
      oxide, the other — however the power
requirements are much smaller.
      While major laptop makers have recalled the
defective batteries in batches 
      (most of them made to a process perfected by
Sony), they have been less 
      proactive in coming up with a safe alternative. 
      Smaller lithium ion batteries — the kind used by
the world’s 2 billion 
      cell phone owners were thought to be immune to
exploding danger — till 
      The killer phone is said to be a Motorola make,
though knowledgeable 
      sources say that in itself might not be very
significant: There is a huge 
      business in counterfeit phones as well as
batteries in booming mobile 
      phone markets such as China. The news will be of
special concern in India 
      which is seeing one of the world’s fastest
growth rates in mobile phone 
      usage: According to its annual survey of the
Indian telecom industry, 
      CyberMedia’s “Voice and Data” magazine, said on
Thursday, that cellular 
      phone usage zoomed by 73 % in 2006-07, to cross
157 million subscribers 
      and generated a 56% growth in revenues for the
providers, to generate $ 
      12.5 billion.
      There is now one phone (mobile or handset) for
every five Indians. 

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