[AI] Brief note about Exchange and mail server

vishnu ramchandani vishnuhappy at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 6 23:09:04 EDT 2007

Exchange and mail server

Q: While configuring Outlook Express in client PC, can
I create a mail account that does not have a mail box
in mail server or is the corresponding mail box
created at the time of the account creation? I would
also like to know the difference between an Exchange
server and a mail server. 

A: In an e-mail setup, there is a mail server and mail
client. The mail server has the configuration for each
mail account with details such as name, mail
ID and other information. Whenever a new mail account
is to be created, it must be done so in the mail
server with necessary information. 

The mailbox for the account will be created when the
account is configured in the server. Only after this
is it possible to configure a client. The client
configurationneeds the mail server name or IP address,
the mail ID to be mentioned. The mail client will get
authenticated in the server. Only authenticated
clients can send and receive mail from the mail
server. It may be possible to complete the client
configuration with a on-existent mail account. But it
is efinitely not possible to send or receive mails
from that client. 

Exchange server is one of Microsoft's Mail server
products. It is deployed widely. There are similar
products from other companies. Windows 2003 also has
a Mail server. This can also be used as a mail
serverwith a limited number of mail configurations.
Exchange server is a standalone product meant to be
a Mail server. Nowadays, there are a lot of e-mail
server products, both priced and free, for
differentoperating systems such as Unix/Linux,
Windows, Mac

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