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> Thursday, July 05, 2007
> Egyptian leading intellectual Taha Hussein curtailed from Education System
> By Freedom For Egyptians
> (Extract)
> Taha Hussein is the first visually impaired minister of education in
> Egypt. He is one of the leading intellectuals who brought an enlightenment
> era to Egypt through his books, his battles to give access to all Egyptian
> citizens to the education system at a time when some Egyptian where only
> privileged to complete their education for their social status. He
> believed in the empowerment of women. Blogger Ashraf Nasr in his recent
> blog post is exposing a "scandal".
> He reports that some of those who are deciding on high schools curriculum
> are omitting some parts of Taha Hussein biography book, "The Days". His
> biography is a masterpiece. Hussein was not only a a highly-educated
> intellectual but an amazing writer with an extraordinary life story. The
> blogger is so surprised that those officials are saying that Hussein's
> book will spoil the manners of students. The blogger is thinking that
> dropping the book will be much better than deforming its rich text.
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