[AI] some interesting facts about balloons.

Abhijit Joshi abhijitjoshi1977 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 09:32:02 EDT 2007

Hello friends,
    just imagine you are working on some very important document and suddenly A dialog box appears "updates for your computer is downloaded and ready to install"  What will be your first reaction? off course irritating but, it is necessary to alert you for update without disturbing you.for this Windows XP has an interesting feature called "balloon". If windows sound is active then a typical sound occurs when balloon appears on screen. It just appears like a flash gives the message and disappears.  It is generally comes above the task bar. Note: if that instruction is very important then it lies in system tray after disappearing  and if it is just a instruction it may not be found in system tray letter. This looks like an air balloon. It sounds like busting a balloon modestly. I know that many of us know this fact but this mail is for them who may be not aware about this fact. This is a small token to supplement yesterday's some mail to balloons


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