[AI] Tech 'geniuses' make pilgrimage to Microsoft

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> Tech 'geniuses' make pilgrimage to Microsoft
> Mohamed Radwan came from Egypt to Microsoft's US
> campus to show Bill Gates a way software can strip
> away the stigma of being disabled.
> Radwan, his sister, Noha, and fellow Cairo college
> students Tarek Elgaaly and Ahmed Fathallah created
> computer software that uses artificial intelligence
> to customise school programs for those with mental
> physical challenges.
> "I have a good friend and one day I found out he had
> brother who is handicapped," Radwan said of the
> inspiration for the invention that put his team
> the finalists in this year's Microsoft Imagine Cup
> innovation contest. "It was as though the family was
> ashamed and kept him a secret." The Imagine Cup
> theme this year is, "Imagine a world where
> enables a better education for all."
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> Ten of the teams that will vie in August at the
> Imagine Cup finals in Seoul were at Microsoft's US
> headquarters on Tuesday, showing their work to the
> software
> giant's legendary co-founder Bill Gates. "It's a
> area and I completely agree with your vision," Gates
> told Radwan and his team, which boldly suggested
> that Microsoft more aggressively develop ways to
> computing easier for people with disabilities.
> Gates and Microsoft chief research and strategy
> officer Craig Mundie lingered at student
> presentations, asking questions and trying programs.
> "I'm very
> nervous and excited," Byoung-Su Lin said as she and
> fellow students from South Korea readied a program
> that lets deaf and blind people read, write and
> participate in classes.
> The invention features a glove embedded with sensors
> with software that translates Braille into and out
> text and speech. A team from China demonstrated
> a program that links students in remote villages
> teachers, volunteers, research and other education
> resources.
> "In front of you today are this generation's
> geniuses," Microsoft director of initiatives Joe
> Wilson told news reporters at the demonstration
> "The
> thought leaders of tomorrow."
> French university students built a joy stick that
> people with motor skill difficulties can use in lieu
> of a computer mouse, while a team from Japan made
> software to organise class notes and send feedback
> teachers.
> "This is a fun event," Gates said. "The point is to
> show how the magic of software can do far more
> things than most people understand."
> This is the fifth year for the Imagine Cup and it
> entries from more than 5,800 teams from more than
> countries.
> "I'm always excited by the kids," said Mundie. "This
> is the Olympics of collegiate problem solving. We've
> upped the bar in recent years and they respond
> extremely well."
> The Imagine Cup victor gets a 25,000 dollar prize
> likely attention from investors looking to bankroll
> promising new technology. "Just that approving
> look from Bill Gates is worth all of it," Mohamed
> Radwan said. "It's about much more than the Imagine
> cup," Fathallah said. "It's about changing the
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