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Your files, anywhere, anytime

  Working online and being able to access files that you want at any time of the day is what executives who are frequently travelling want today. With portable
USB products easily available, one can store files on them and carry it along. In this situation an online operating system really helps. Because with
the help of an online OS you can securely access your files, even make changes to them and email them from just about any computer that has access to the
internet. What that means is simple: you don't need your own PC to work and share your files. You can, for instance, store your Excel files on your portable
device while you travel and access them via a machine available at your destination. You can use any PC anywhere, since your OS is online and is available
24 hours a day. 

  Enter Nivio: Currently you will find more than a dozen online operating systems such as EyeOS, Goowy, and Nivio. What makes Nivio-an online OS programmed
in India-stand out is that it's a Windows XP-based online operating system. This means you can work with the general features offered by Windows XP and
also work with office applications such as Word and Excel. Nivio is currently in Beta stage and looks feature packed. But is it better than the ones already

  Getting started: To get going, you will first need to register at www.nivio.com-you'll be done in a minute. But to actually access the Nivio OS, you will
need to wait-quite long actually. Once you register, you will enter the queue to receive an invite to use Nivio and this takes time as a large number of
users have already registered. 

  Once you can actually access your Nivio desktop you can use it for free for a period of one month. After this Nivio would cost you Rs 399 a month for
general use. For students the price is even lower at Rs 199.50 per month. 

  This price is for the base package which includes 5 GB of online storage space and a full-fledged Windows desktop along with free applications such as
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8,  iTunes and Firefox. Almost the entire Microsoft Office 2003 suite is available in its online form but you will need to pay to
use it. As an alternative, you could use the Open Office suite which is free and takes care of office-related work pretty well. Also included are security
services for protection from spam and malware.  

  You can access your Nivio OS from a Mac, Windows or Linux machine and some select handsets are included too. You can select the application you want to
use via the Nivio control panel. According to the company, future release will allow users to install applications of their choice too. 

  Is it worth it? While most of what Nivio offers is already freely available individually, it still makes an impressive online OS. Nivio can also be used
to back up critical files since it offers 5 GB of online storage space. It also offers applications on demand: say you need to use a software for a week
or only a month, you can pay for just that particular period of time. If you compare Nivio with the host of online operating systems available currently,
it looks impressive with its features. But since you need to pay to access a part of the OS, users might not be too impressed much.   


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