[AI] problems in opening a bank account

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1. Cant blame ICICI if the agent did not ask you for proof of identification 
and addresss. these documents are essential.
2. If the agent asked you for anything else then you can complain.
3. ICICI  has one talking ATM in Mumbai and Pune.
4. Many on this list have accounts with ICICI so its your local/branch 
problem. Its random depending upon the officer and his moods.
5. In the past ICICI had denied an account to one of our members in Pune who 
had to fight quite a while to get it.
6. Ask the branch to put it in writing why they are not giving you the 
7. Which city are you in?
Lets hope this problem solves otherwise back to the RBI.......
Write to me on or off the list

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Hi friends,
need some help and suggestions from you.
I opened an IBM salary account with the ICICI bank on the 10/06/07.
At the time of opening the account the agent had not insisted on the 
submision of any documents even though I asked him just for confirmation.
on the 20/06/07 the agent informed me that the account cannot be activated 
due to the requirement of "some" documents and they also stress that it is 
clear from my photograph that I'am a visually impaired person. On the 
22/06/07 I also lodged a complaint with ICICI, which is still in the open 
My grievances have not yet been addressed. The agent says that he has sent 
the case to his Mumbai office for clarification. Such issues are to be 
addressed seriously since ICICI claims to launch talking ATMS in the near 
future. How can a bank provide talking ATMS when it does not allow the 
visually impaired candidates to open accounts with it?
sorry to send such a long mail, but , friends it is serious and I wish to 
know from you what steps should I take.
Kameshwari Rao
Mobile: 9986374908
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