[AI] Samsung YV-150: Make your own audio book

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Hi, is this compatible with pdf files too?
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> Samsung YV-150: Make your own audio book
> By Nate Lanxon
> We weren't expecting Samsung to create a digital audio player that 
> converts text to speech, but you never know what those crazy Korean dudes 
> are up to. It's called the YV-150 and it works with six languages, 
> including English, Japanese and Chinese.
> It'll play MP3, WMA and WMA-DRM files, has a loudspeaker, runs on two AAA 
> batteries and it's got a microphone. But don't go thinking that's all. 
> Along with a built-in FM tuner, you can dump your favourite text files 
> into its memory and have the player convert them to voice, so it could 
> read you the morning's newspaper, for instance. The resulting audio files 
> can be transferred back to a PC.
> Digital voice recorders are wonderful tools for the hungover student: 
> simply set the device recording on your desk and pick it up when the 
> headaches stop. Similarly, they're good for hungover lecturers too: simply 
> leave the device playing back on the desk at the front of the lecture 
> theatre and get back to bed. The climactic scenario renders lecture 
> theatres useless, when both lecturer and student are replaced by digital 
> recording devices. Gotta love the 21st Century.
> Currently only the Chinese are going to get hold of a YV-150, and they 
> sell for 1,299 Chinese yuan (£85) for the 512MB version, and 1,499 yuan 
> (£99) for the 1GB model. We're waiting on confirmation from Samsung as to 
> whether we're going to get to play with one in the UK. -Nate Lanxon
> http://crave.cnet.co.uk/digitalmusic/0,39029432,49290578,00.htm


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